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Nikolai Petrovich Kasterin (1869 — 1947) was a Russian physicist, student of Aleksandr Stoletov, generally known for his works opposing special relativity.

Nikolai Kasterin studied at the Physical-Mathematical Faculty of Moscow University under the supervision of Aleksandr Stoletov. He graduated in 1892 and continued to work for Stoletov as laboratory assistant. In 1896-1899 he trained abroad. In 1899 Kasterin returned to Moscow University where he became an assistant professor and taught theoretical physics. In 1905 Kasterin defended doctoral dissertation "On the propagation of waves in non-uniform medium".

In 1906 Kasterin became a professor at the Department of Physics of Novorossiyskii University in Odessa. He also headed the Institute of Physics. In 1906-1922 he was the Chairman of the Department of Physics at Novorossiyskii University.

In 1922 Kasterin moved to the Biophysics Institute in Moscow.

Since 1930 he was a consultant for various scientific institutions like CAGI, Angarsrtoy and National Institute of Building Materials.

Kasterin authored more than forty scientific publications in theoretical physics.